Git and GitHub – Types of branch (Part-12)

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Local and Remote Branches in Git

Local Branch

A local branch is a branch that exists in your local Git repository. You create and manage local branches on your machine, and they are used to track your work and changes.

  • Creating a Local Branch:
git checkout -b my-feature-branch
  • This command creates a new branch called my-feature-branch and switches to it.
  • Listing Local Branches:
git branch

This command lists all the branches in your local repository.

Remote Branch

A remote branch is a branch that exists on a remote repository, such as GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. Remote branches are used to share your work with others and collaborate on a project.

  • Fetching Remote Branches:
git fetch
  • This command updates your local copy of the remote branches without modifying your local branches.
  • Listing Remote Branches:
git branch -r
  • This command lists all the remote branches that you have fetched.
  • Tracking Remote Branches:
git checkout --track origin/my-feature-branch

This command creates a local branch that tracks the remote branch origin/my-feature-branch.

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