Git and GitHub – Merge and Pull (Part-13)

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Merge and Pull in Git


Merge is a command used to combine the changes from one branch into another. It is typically used to integrate changes from a feature branch back into the main branch (e.g., main or master).

  • Merging a Branch
git checkout main
git merge my-feature-branch
  • This command switches to the main branch and merges the changes from my-feature-branch into main.

Fetch + Merge = Pull

Pull is a command that combines fetch and merge. It is used to update your local branch with changes from a remote branch.\\


  • The git fetch command downloads commits, files, and refs from a remote repository into your local repository. It updates your remote-tracking branches but does not merge changes into your local branches.
git fetch origin


  • After fetching, you can merge the changes into your local branch.
git merge origin/main


  • The git pull command is a combination of fetch and merge. It fetches changes from the remote branch and automatically merges them into your current local branch.
git pull origin main

Example Workflow

Scenario: Working with Local and Remote Branches

Clone a Repository:

    git clone
    cd your-repo

    Create and Switch to a New Local Branch:

    git checkout -b my-feature-branch

    Make Changes and Commit:

    # Make changes to your files
    git add .
    git commit -m "Add new feature"

    Push the Local Branch to Remote:

    git push origin my-feature-branch

    Create a Pull Request on GitHub:

    • Go to your repository on GitHub.
    • Create a pull request to merge my-feature-branch into main.

    Fetch and Merge Changes from Remote:

    git fetch origin
    git checkout main
    git merge origin/main

      Alternatively, Pull Changes from Remote:

      git pull origin main
      • Merge: Combines changes from one branch into another.
      • Fetch: Downloads changes from a remote repository without merging them.
      • Pull: Combines fetch and merge to update your local branch with changes from a remote branch.
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