1. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) & Configuration Management:

  • Terraform:
    • Introduction: An open-source tool that allows you to define and provide infrastructure using a declarative configuration language.
    • Key Features: Multi-cloud support, modular and versioned infrastructure provisioning, and state management.
  • AWS CloudFormation:
    • Introduction: An AWS service that helps you define and provision AWS infrastructure using templates.
    • Key Features: Template-based infrastructure definition, integration with AWS services, and stack management.
  • Ansible:
    • Introduction: An open-source automation tool for configuration management, application deployment, and task automation.
    • Key Features: Agentless architecture, large community support, and extensive module library.

2. Monitoring & Logging:

  • Datadog:
    • Introduction: A monitoring and analytics tool that provides full-stack observability by combining logs, metrics, and traces.
    • Key Features: Integrations with numerous technologies, customizable dashboards, and alerting capabilities.
  • Prometheus:
    • Introduction: An open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit.
    • Key Features: Powerful query language, multi-dimensional data model, and integration with Grafana for visualization.
  • Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK Stack):
    • Introduction: A set of tools that allow you to search, analyze, and visualize log data in real-time.
    • Key Features: Scalable search engine, data ingestion and transformation, and powerful visualization capabilities.

3. Automation & CI/CD:

  • Jenkins:
    • Introduction: An open-source automation server used for building, deploying, and automating any project.
    • Key Features: Extensive plugin ecosystem, distributed builds, and pipeline support.
  • Spinnaker:
    • Introduction: A multi-cloud continuous delivery platform.
    • Key Features: Automated canary analysis, integrated deployment management, and support for multiple cloud providers.
  • GitLab CI/CD:
    • Introduction: An integrated solution that provides Git repository management with CI/CD capabilities.
    • Key Features: Auto DevOps, Kubernetes integration, and comprehensive pipeline visualization.

4. Security & Compliance:

  • AWS Config:
    • Introduction: A service that enables you to assess, audit, and evaluate AWS resource configurations.
    • Key Features: Continuous monitoring, configuration history, and security analysis.
  • Palo Alto Prisma Cloud:
    • Introduction: A comprehensive cloud-native security platform.
    • Key Features: Continuous security and compliance checks, risk scoring, and integrated threat intelligence.
  • HashiCorp Vault:
    • Introduction: A tool for managing secrets and protecting sensitive data.
    • Key Features: Dynamic secrets, encryption as a service, and secure secret storage.

5. Cost Management:

  • AWS Cost Explorer:
    • Introduction: A tool that enables you to visualize, understand, and manage your AWS costs and usage over time.
    • Key Features: Customizable reports, forecasting, and data filtering.
  • CloudHealth by VMware:
    • Introduction: A multi-cloud management platform that offers visibility and optimization across cloud environments.
    • Key Features: Cost management, security compliance, and automated workflows.