How to Explore the data in your lakehouse with a notebook

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Open or create a notebook from a lakehouse

  • Add the lakehouse to an existing notebook, which means you include the lakehouse data in a notebook that already exists.
  • Create a new notebook directly from the lakehouse, where you start a new notebook specifically for exploring the lakehouse data.

Open a lakehouse from an existing or new notebook

Switch lakehouses and set a default

You can add multiple lakehouses to the same notebook. By switching the available lakehouse in the left panel, you can explore the structure and the data from different lakehouses.

Explore the lakehouse data

The structure of the Lakehouse shown in the Notebook is the same as the one in the Lakehouse view. When you select a file or folder, the content area shows the details of the selected item.

The notebook will be created under your current workspace.

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