What is Copilot in Microsoft Fabric?

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  • Copilot and other generative AI features are new tools available for testing in Microsoft Fabric and Power BI.
  • These tools offer different ways to change and study data, make discoveries, and make graphs and reports.
  • They’re designed to help users work with data more efficiently and get better insights.

How to Enable Copilot?

  • Your administrator must enable Copilot for your business.
  • Your capacity (F64 or P1) must be in certain regions.
  • If you’re outside the US or France, Copilot is off by default unless your admin changes settings.
  • Copilot isn’t available on trial SKUs, only paid ones.
  • The preview rollout is happening gradually, and you’ll get access automatically when it’s available for your tenant.
  • When Copilot is fully launched, you can use it within your existing capacity limits.

Copilot for Data Science and Data Engineering

  • AI Toolset for Data Pros: Copilot is a smart tool designed to help data professionals with their work.
  • Intelligent Assistance: It helps by suggesting code, automating common tasks, and providing standard code templates.
  • Adaptive Suggestions: Using smart algorithms, Copilot gives suggestions tailored to what you’re working on, making coding easier.
  • From Data to Insights: It supports tasks from preparing data to creating insights, making the whole process faster and easier.

Copilot for Data Factory

  • Copilot for Data Factory is a tool that helps both beginners and experts with their data tasks.
  • It automatically creates code to change data and explains how it works to make it easier to understand.
  • It makes working with data simpler and faster.

Copilot for Power BI

  • Power BI now has generative AI, which means it can create reports for you automatically.
  • You can choose a topic for your report, or ask Copilot for Power BI to help you with a specific topic.
  • Copilot can then create a summary for your report page and suggest synonyms to help with better Q&A (question and answer) capabilities.

How Copilot work in Fabric?

  1. Microsoft follows strict rules for its AI systems to make sure they’re used responsibly and effectively.
  2. When you use Copilot in Fabric, it temporarily sends your data to Azure OAI for processing, but it’s only stored for 30 days.
  3. Copilot is designed to meet high standards for responsible AI, with checks to prevent potential problems.
  4. Before you can use Copilot, your admin needs to enable it in Fabric.
  5. Remember, Copilot’s responses might not always be accurate, so it’s important to check them.
  6. Also, Copilot works best with English for now, so it might not be as good with other languages.

Available regions

Geographic area where your Fabric Capacity is locatedGeographic area where Azure OpenAI Service is hostedData processing outside your capacity’s geographic region?Actions required to use Fabric Copilot
USUSNoTurn-on Copilot
EU Data BoundaryEU Data BoundaryNoTurn-on Copilot
UKEU Data BoundaryYesTurn-on Copilot
Enable cross-geo data processing
South Africa
Southeast Asia
United Arab Emirates
USYesTurn-on Copilot
Enable cross-geo data processing
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